Lila's Story

A Letter from Lila

RavenByre was born from the Simmons Family's shared love for quality food, fellowship, and giving back. Lila Simmons is leading the charge to bring those shared values to their local community and granola lovers everywhere.


Meet Lila Simmons

Hi! My name is Lila. I am a 17 year old junior in high school. I have always had a passion for baking, making, and cooking all sorts of food. Since I was a little girl I have always enjoyed helping my mom in the kitchen, even though she didn’t really enjoy the help until I was about 12. I have loved being able to learn and enjoy the way my mom fills the kitchen with wonderful smells. Being in the kitchen has always been my way to get away from all the stress and overwhelming factors of the world even as a high school student.

Gluten Free

In summer of 2018 I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and although most foods have an alternative for gluten free, it was always difficult to find a yummy and healthy GF granola. So of course my mom went straight to the kitchen to perfect an amazing and gluten free granola.

Why Granola?

Granola has always been a family favorite whether it's to top off the yogurt and berries or just to snack on throughout the day. Granola has multiple ways to be enjoyed and shared. It can be a quick breakfast running out the door. Or a breakfast shared and enjoyed with friends and family. It can be sweetened with your favorite fruits or even added to a bowl of milk for a hearty breakfast.

The RavenByre Mission

To have the opportunity to help run a business in high school is an amazing experience because it helps you realize what you have the power to do and how much you can help the people around you. This is my 3rd year being part of the Carmel Dance Marathon and I have realized how big the need is for this cause. That is why RavenByre will be sending a portion of the proceeds to Riley Children's Hospital. Being able to bring and provide something for someone that brings them happiness while also being able to support amazing organizations.